Ben Shepherd se refirió por primera vez a la muerte de Chris Cornell

El bajista publicó una carta en redes sociales

Este 2019 se cumplirán 2 años de la muerte de Chris Cornell.

Tras el hecho, que sorprendió a la comunidad musical, varios colegas -compañeros de trabajo y otros que sólo lo admiraban- emitieron sus opiniones al respecto. Sin embargo, uno de ellos guardó un silencio que rompió hace poco: Ben Shepherd.

El bajista de Soundgarden publicó una carta en redes sociales, días después de participar en "I Am the Highway", show tributo a Cornell, en que tocó -quizás por última vez- junto a Kim Thayil y Matt Cameron. "Tras la muete de Chris estaba frágil y tembloroso. Me sentía tan solo que era como si me estuviese ahogando, claustrofóbico, como se debe sentir un epílogo cuando estás cerrando un libro", apuntó Shepherd, agregando que recién después de un año comenzó a sentirse mejor y volvió a tomar un instrumento. "En uno de esos días del verano pasado, por fin agarré mi guitarra y comencé a tocar de nuevo".

En la misiva, Ben hizo un llamado a estar atentos con la existencia de personas que lidian con traumas. "No hay tiempo para estar asustado de amar, así que compartan ese amor y digan lo que tengan que decir, pero ayuden a los demás... Escuchen: no vencerán al amor. Su poder curador y enorme poder es el campeón indiscutido", siguió. Puedes leer completa la emotiva nota a continuación.

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On my boat caterwaulin’ on my bday present steelgutkat ( steel string guitar ) yuk yuk. I like as of tonight calling it a steelgutkat This is the place i used to stand for hours on end looking and standing standing and looking. Listening and trying to feel. And trying not to feel , getting balance and trying to find a sanctuary which i had always felt here - which didnt happen due to wildfire smoke and the shooting death by the police of a guy down further in the harbor - Both absolutely disturbing happenings -sanctity and small town ‘safe harbor’ erased. Especially so close to Chris’ death I was frail and freaked shaky like a fawn with a hangover felt so alone i was choking inside and claustrophobic like how an epilogue must feel when book is closing. But i remember the day one day almost a year later when someone i kbew asked me how i doing i said i could see actual direction again see the horizon like a huge huge sky blocking slab five miles thick stone was moved away so the horizon and up or down was visible again Then one day i think a few months into this last summer i finally grabbed one of my cheapo boat guitars and started playing. Not this means fuck all to anyone but if you out there know anyone going through any sort of loss or trauma don’t let them suffocate from isolation and loneliness of not being able to relate. There is not enough time to be scared or in awe of love so share love or say what ya need to say , but take it easy on yourself and help others. Spoil yourself by giving and doing whatcha know is right for yourself. Slow down eat that waffle. Get up and walk over to say hey to that person you either knew in high school or that person you never go to know. Listen tough guys you aint got nothin on love, its healing and killing power is the undisputed champeen - anybody can be dismissive or a bully its common and weak very un tough so if i get flak ( sp?) for my ramblings on this instagram page i can hack it - but just be engaged in life please in other words MATTER -is it helping are you helping ? If it is and you are then keep doing it - if not - stop.

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